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September 13, 2008

Konqueror web shortcut for gentoo packages

by orzel
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You’re going to think that I’m some kind of web shortcut maniac, but I really think I’m not. I’m using a lot, and only today did I think about creating a konqueror web shortcut to get there faster. I’ve called it ‘gt’ (for gentoo, yes, i’m that lazy), and the magic url thinguy is […]

July 20, 2008

Youtube web shortcut

by orzel
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You all know the web shortcuts for konqueror, don’t you ? (like gg: or wp: when you want to use google or wikipedia in alt-f2 or konqueror). Well, I find this really useful, but theres none for youtube (in kde 3 at least, I haven’t checked kde4 yet). This is really easy to do. Go […]