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May 2, 2009

how to handle translations for an application that is both qt-only and KDE ?

by orzel
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I have the problem for my application Opale, which used to be KDE only and is now both Qt and KDE. The first thing I’ve done is to switch from *.po (gettext) to *.ts (qt), because Qt can not (or can it ?  tell me how !) handle gettext files. Then, I needed to use […]

February 12, 2009

First release candidate for Opale

by orzel
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One of my pet projects (A simple bank account manager focused on graphs and planning) is about to reach 1.0. This first release candidate has been tested on several Linux systems and Windows. It can compile against KDE, but Qt is enough. (no, i have not yet tested with KDE/Windows…). So far, the only big […]

November 12, 2008

Full blown kde-aware opale version

by orzel
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Since the release of opale-0.9, I have mostly worked on improving the (optional) KDE integration. And now if KDE is available, opale will use things like : KMainWindow, KApplication (session management..), XML GUI, KFileDialog and specific menu entries (Switch application language, configure shortcuts/toolbars, KDE-aware recent files submenu,…). While I was there, the Qt-only version now […]

November 11, 2008

Opale ported to qt4 and kde4

by orzel
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Opale was an application written using koffice that I use to handle my personal accounts. Long ago I have dropped support for koffice (mainly because of the crappy/undocumented/buggy chart API) and since then opale was a kde-based application. One year ago, i have started porting it to kde4, and, meanwhile, made it a Qt4 application. […]