November 12, 2008

Full blown kde-aware opale version

by orzel
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KDE version of opale
KDE version of opale

Since the release of opale-0.9, I have mostly worked on improving the (optional) KDE integration. And now if KDE is available, opale will use things like : KMainWindow, KApplication (session management..), XML GUI, KFileDialog and specific menu entries (Switch application language, configure shortcuts/toolbars, KDE-aware recent files submenu,…).

While I was there, the Qt-only version now also has a ‘recent files’ dialog popping-up at the start if no file is given on the command line (my personal top-missing feature).

Now, some people noticed that I want to port Opale to the Mac. I have an old ibook lying here, but MacOS has died and I need to re-install it before trying qt/Mac (that I have never tested yet).

As an answer to your blog entry, Orville (I guess that’s your first name, right?):

  • The kde version is now really finished, please try if you want.
  • I guess there’s no menu on the screenshot because Mac still has those on the top of the screen, right ?
  • I would be delighted if you could provide testing on the mac. You can find me on freenode as orzel.
  • I’m also interested with hints about the interface, I’m not afraid of you being mean.
  • What’s the problem with my help menu ? Everything’s fine here. Use the ‘report a bug’ entry in the very same menu!
  • Don’t be scared by a photo 🙂

Opale homepage

Project page

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  1. Torsten Rahn says:

    Hi, don’t know whether this is still an issue:

    Judging from your screenshots you are using Qt colors (Qt::red, Qt::blue, etc.).

    Please avoid this. Use (KDE) color schemes or if this is not possible rather use the oxygen colors. It will make your application look better and more integrated.

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