July 20, 2008

Youtube web shortcut

by orzel
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You all know the web shortcuts for konqueror, don’t you ? (like gg: or wp: when you want to use google or wikipedia in alt-f2 or konqueror).

Well, I find this really useful, but theres none for youtube (in kde 3 at least, I haven’t checked kde4 yet). This is really easy to do. Go in the settings dialog for web browsing, either from konqueror (settings/configure konqueror), or kcontrol / internet&network / web browsing / web shortcuts. Create a new shorctut using the URL:


And you’re done. Happy youtubing!

how to configure a web shortcut for youtube

As a side note, I dont use konqueror for browsing, firefox is configured as my main web browser. But, strangely enough, when you use the web shortcuts or if you open a bookmark from the kicker “bookmark” applet, then the right thing is done and the page is opened in firefox. This brings web shortcuts to firefox as well, and I’m happy with that.


  1. Arnomane says:

    There is someting far more better than just one new web shortcut – many new web shortcuts:
    * How about web shortcuts for your local public transport that gives you the next connections from station A to station B?
    * How about web shortcuts for the TV program of tonight?
    * How about the same web shortcuts everywhere, be it our favourite Konqueror, your smart phone, your friends computer or some public computer terminal?
    * How about a big database of web shortcuts collected and improved from all over the world?

    This is no future dreaming. It exits already since some years. Have a look at serchilo.net, create a Serchilo shortcut in your Konqueror and enjoy a huge amount of new cute web shortcuts.

    I also created a Bugzilla wishlist entry quite some time ago in order to have Serchilo in the standard shortcut list of Konqueror (and in the long run Serchilo could replace all builtin web shortcuts), see http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=137096. Sadly none did care about this easy to solve wishlist bug up to now.

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