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March 5, 2009

Support for ‘long double’ in Qt tests.

by orzel
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Qt supports most types for most compilers…… but long double.  I do not know why. When asking on #qt (IRC), people say that nobody seems to care. Well… I do. long double have some use in scientific software at least. If you ever need to use long double in QTest, you will need to add […]

November 12, 2008

Full blown kde-aware opale version

by orzel
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Since the release of opale-0.9, I have mostly worked on improving the (optional) KDE integration. And now if KDE is available, opale will use things like : KMainWindow, KApplication (session management..), XML GUI, KFileDialog and specific menu entries (Switch application language, configure shortcuts/toolbars, KDE-aware recent files submenu,…). While I was there, the Qt-only version now […]

November 11, 2008

Opale ported to qt4 and kde4

by orzel
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Opale was an application written using koffice that I use to handle my personal accounts. Long ago I have dropped support for koffice (mainly because of the crappy/undocumented/buggy chart API) and since then opale was a kde-based application. One year ago, i have started porting it to kde4, and, meanwhile, made it a Qt4 application. […]

June 27, 2008

Static link with cmake under windows (Qt and others)

by orzel
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One of the great things about Qt is that you can compile the code under esoteric OSs (mmh?) like Windows or MacOS. Although I’ve almost never used windows, I did the packaging of yzis. I used the Nullsoft Installer, which is ok. I had several issues with static linking, and thought maybe some of you […]