January 23, 2014

Mercurial Mirror For Django 1.7 Branch

by orzel
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Today the Django project released the first alpha for Django 1.7. As such, the branch for 1.7 has been created in the git repository, and we can start mirroring it. Of course, this is still an alpha and the clone shouldn’t be used yet for prodution. The purpose is to test 1.7 early and to have an easy updating path once 1.7 is final.

For the record, this mirror has two purposes:

  • be a lightweight read-only repository to clone from for production servers
  • hide the ugly git stuff behind a great mercurial interface 🙂

The clone  is at the usual location at bitbucket, from which you can browse, clone, …



ps : I will probably delete the 1.3 clone soon. If anybody still uses it, drop me a note (or hit “feedback” at the top of this page)

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