July 18, 2013

Release of EmergeActivity 2.1

by orzel
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Emerge activity is a small PyQt application aimed at Gentoo users that displays an “activity” graph of the emerges.  Here’s a typical example on my desktop computer :


For those wondering, the huge increase in 2009 is when the Gentoo KDE team decided to split KDE packages, and the drop in 2011 is when I stopped using KDE.

Link to the homepage of this project

Yes, I’m fond of graph in general and more specifically of activity graphs. The “rendering” code is shared with another PyQt-based activity graph I wrote : the Mercurial activity extension

The main program will use by default the emerge.log file of the current system, but it can be told to use another file. Which is handy to graph the activity of, typically, a remote server. I personnaly have a script that fetches emerge.log from all the servers I maintain (using ssh and keys) and graphs them all. The script even pings several not-always-online computers and graph them as well if they appear to be up (mostly laptops).

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  1. michal says:

    some ebuild would be useful 😉

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