March 30, 2012

Mercurial Mirror For Django 1.4 branch

by orzel
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Another Django release, another branch, another mercurial mirror…  Cloning this one will costs you ~35Mb on your hard disk, compared to 167Mb for the official django mirror.

This is updated once a day from the official svn, and it’s gonna stay for a long time :

For some reason, the 1.4 branch was not created in svn until very recently. Even though 1.4 was officially released with signed tarballs and all, there was still no branch and no tag in svn. I usually branch before releasing and tag during release, I wonder how the Django team does. Though… they usually have a very professional way of doing things.

On related news, I will probably soon remove the mirror for the 1.1 branch, unless someone tells me it’s still needed. 1.1 is very old, officially not maintained, and has indeed got no patch/fix for a very long time. You really shouldn’t use this anymore.

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