January 8, 2012

DjangoRedmineAdmin 1.0 released

by orzel
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I recently needed (again) to ‘browse’ a redmine database, and I used my DjangoRedmineAdmin application to do so. I took this opportunity to update the code and doing some more tests/fixes. As a result I decided to tag this as 1.0.

The main modifications are:

  • updated to comply with current redmine version (1.2.1 and 1.3.0)
  • updated to use Django 1.3 instead of Django 1.2, which is now deprecated.
  • added a lot of new improvements to the admin pages, such as displaying a list of related model instead of the raw id, or presenting data in a cleaner way.
  • it now works with mysql too. Previous version would have problems handling boolean fields on a mysql database. We need to blame ruby ORB here, which actually handle boolean differently depending on the db backend. Sqlite3 was and is still supported.

You can clone the repository or download tarballs from the mercurial source page.

The wiki has more information / documentation.

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