July 27, 2009

Installing an avr cross compiler in gentoo

by orzel
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One could think that this is as easy as

crossdev avr

but it is not, so i write here how I did it for future reference, and hopefully this will also be useful to other people.

The first problem is that it does not check compatibility between toolchain members (binutils, gcc, …). Understandably, this is somehow difficult, and i don’t blame crossdev. The second problem is that by default crossdev install headers, which are needed  for libc, which is needed for gcc… and headers requires gcc… so you have a loop and if fails.

Finally, i needed the c++ part, and by default crossdev only go as far as stage 3 (plain C), so i’m asking him to go farther with ‘-s4’

Finally i did:
sudo crossdev --b --g 4.4.1 --without-headers --target avr -s4

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