November 2, 2008

Activities gallery

by orzel
Categories: Admin, Django, Gentoo, KDE, Linux kernel
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While developing my recently released activity mercurial extension (and here too), I did a lot of tests on some quite famous/big projects. I’ve found the results to be quite interesting and decided to put up this gallery. Are you interested in the history of commits for kde, linux, django, portage(software), and others?

warning : this is just for fun (copyright Linus Torvalds), I’m perfectly aware that the number of commits is a very bad indicator for development.

The gallery :


  1. omtv says:

    This is quite interesting!
    And who is mtredinnick?

  2. use the tooltips to figure out 🙂

  3. Alex says:

    Nice and interesting, thank you :).

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