June 26, 2008

Release of Yzis-1.0-alpha1

by orzel
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Ok, here it is, things have finally settled and we are happy to bring you the first alpha release for Yzis. The foundations are stabilizing, and we are now focusing on fixing bugs and porting to different architectures, OSs, and interfaces.

What you have so far :

The most noteworthy missing feature is the KDE embeddable component, we are aware of this, and this is the main thing we shall work on after 1.0 is out.

At this point, we are not yet asking for broad testing, but developers not afraid of bleeding edge are encouraged to test it out. If you can help with porting/solving bugs, this is of course even better.

You can join us on #yzis on freenode to discuss all of this.

The web site has been updated, and you should find information about getting the source from source control (mercurial) and compiling on most platforms.


The tarballs and the windows installer can be downloaded from this url:


Below are some screenshots showing the different interfaces (qt/linux, ncurses, qt/windows):

ncurses frontend


  1. Velvet Elvis says:

    Yay! I’ll likely check it out this weekend.

    Any chance you can make the liscense GPL 2 or later? I’m by no means a liscense expert, but I think having it version 2 only makes it impossiable to embed in a GPL v3 aplication.

  2. I haven’t had time to look at GPLv3 yet. Seems likes hardly avoidable though.

  3. satin bigbopper says:

    Is the KDE embedded part you are developing the same as the GSOC project I heard about?

  4. Kraplax says:

    Hey, cool!
    At first sight, before i found out that this is actually a vim successor/clone/analog i just saw those screenies and thought – “hm.. isn’t that a Vim? What all that project about?”
    Well, now i want to give it a try – how can i get the windows version? I’m now trying to compile the Qt library with MinGW (for the fourth time 🙁 Arrrgh!) and planning to learn some CPP coding. Is it easy to build my own qyzis?

  5. There’s a windows installer if you just wanna try it out. The main website has all details about compiling your own version.

  6. satin : the gsoc project is about adding a vi mode to kate, which is an established general purpose editor for kde. This is related, but different. Both projects are aware of the others and we communicate about this already.

  7. Realgar says:

    Tried the windows version: missing regex.dll.

  8. Pan, S, Z says:

    I am google-ing for a K-vim or vim kpart and found this.

    It seems strange that yzis is a completely re-write of vim, not just a kpart-frontend of vim. Just be curious why this reinvent-the-wheel thing happen?

    Can’t we just reuse the kvim or vim kpart code to make yzis kpart-ready?

  9. AlexM says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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