Opale ported to qt4 and kde4

Opale was an application written using koffice that I use to handle my personal accounts. Long ago I have dropped support for koffice (mainly because of the crappy/undocumented/buggy chart API) and since then opale was a kde-based application.

One year ago, i have started porting it to kde4, and, meanwhile, made it a Qt4 application. Using configuration, you can now have either a qt4 or a kde4 application. Actually, I have to say the kde4 stuff is not thoroughly tested. Anyway, the qt4 port is done and I now have Opale working under windows. Not that I really care, but that can be useful for others.

It was not until few weeks ago that kde4 was good enough for me (copyright me) so I can actually use this version of opale (yes, I know about running kde4 application under kde3, but no, thanks). Now that this version is tested enough, i release it as 0.9.

The roadmap for 0.10 is

Opale homepage

Opale project on freehackers’laboratories.

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  1. Inge Wallin says:

    Even if you don’t like the API to kchart, you can still use the underlying charting engine KDChart. That API is *not* underdocumented, nor crappy, and can actually do a lot more than kchart can.

  2. KDChart is what I was using. I dont know how it is now, but by the time, I found it ugly enough that I preferred dropping support and doing graphs by myself : it saved me a lot of time.

  3. Kevin Kofler says:

    Why did you bother making a Qt-only version now that KDE 4 is cross-platform?

  4. Because this way i can provide very small self-sufficient binaries for Mac and Windows, without needing to explain people what kde is and why they should install it.
    And while I’m very happy with it of course, I still consider KDE4 “cross-platform” as being really, really new.

    Please note also that when i started porting, kde was not a reality yet on windows or mac.

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