In the original meaning of the word, hackers are enthusiastic computer programmers who share their work with others. They are not computer criminals.

freehackers is dedicated to Free Software Development and Open-source hardware.

Projects at fh

Here you can find all our (public) projects. Few of them are highlighted below.


To develop free software and open hardware, we rely almost exclusively on our own infrastructure.
Since far before the concept of cloud ever existed, we were self hosting as much as we could. We don't foresee stopping doing so.
Public Cloud platforms are expensive, and can't be trusted.

We avoid both Microsoft and git, so don't get us started about github.

Hosting Services @fh

Those are the kind of services we share between us.

Get In Touch

The best way to contact us is through IRC (#freehackers@libera), and matrix.

You can contact thomas through this form.