Announcing colibri 1.0 alpha1, a mailing list manager with a django based web interface

It has been more than one year now that I’m running my own mailing list software here at freehackers, and I think it is now time to release a first preview of it. Let me introduce Colibri 1.0 alpha1

Colibri is a free software (GPL), based on python and Django.


It’s not feature complete, but it actually forward mails. From the web interface, people can (un)subscribe and configure their accounts.

The webpage, with screenshots, download, bugtracker and some documentation is at

I use mercurial for source control, and the repository is available both for cloning and browsing at

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  1. sitepedia says:

    Wonderful job!
    I believe it’s a very useful django app.

  2. Snake says:

    Hi, this looks really interesting – I was checking out alternatives to mailman just a few weeks ago – but found nothing convincing. Mailman, of course, is not really bad, but integration and customization feels somehow limited, also I would like to get rid of the mailman processes hanging around in memory – a django-based mailman interface was what I was thinking about as a “quick fix”, of course, why not reinvent all the other stuff, if can be done better – I feel very comfortable about the fact, that you already started with the work, while I was just thinking… 🙂

    May I ask a few questions:
    * Is there a discussion group for this?
    * I am not sure if I understand this
    does this mean, that there is no bounce
    handling right now?
    * Is it possible to put a very simple one-
    click opt-out link for every user into the
    mail text?


  3. Thanks for your interest.

    There’s no discussion group or mailing list yet. I will open something if enough people are interested, of course. Meanwhile, I can be reached on the freenode IRC network as orzel, channel #freehackers.

    Bounces are handled, but not as well as I would like, and it is not tested enough, this is the meaning of issue 651. “not as well” means that a bounce will be removed from the incoming spool (no loop) and not be forwarded back to the mailing list. I want those to be available in the admin interface, with proper stats and actions to be performed by the admin (onhold, remove, reset..).

    Concerning single-link opt-out, it’s not possible yet, but definitely a good idea. Do you mean a single, ‘generic’ url like or a user-specific one ?
    The first option will still require the user to log in, and the second one means more work for the daemon (we need to generate a different mail for each user).

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